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Boeknummer : 00406
Titel : A Summer in a Dutch Country House
Auteur(s) : Mrs. Arthur Traherne
Verschijningsjaar : 1889
Beschrijving : Facsimile Herdruk van oorspronkelijke roman over Boschdal Prinsenbeek in British Library Historical Collection uit 2014

1N PUBLISHING the following sketch of the domestic life of one of the highest Dutch families, my object is to show that training in
the most ordinary duties of a household is, in Holland, considered essential, in order to form the character of a perfect woman.
To the holiest principles should be added the sense of daily duties, of the sacredness of promises, self-denial and endurance. Our gracious
Queen has reared her children in all these qualities, and the result is that our Royal Princesses are shining lights in our empire. To
great accomplishments and talents they unite the perfect fulfilment of daily domestic duties.
In illustration of this we have only to study the characters of the beloved Empress Frederick of Germany, and read the beautiful life of the
deeply lamented Princess Alice of Hesse-Darmstadt. History, especially that of our own country, which is philosophy teaching by ex-
ample, should be carefully’ studied : biography also, for ‘ the lives of great men all remind us we may make our lives sublime.' These studies
will strengthen the mind, and, with such solid foundation, the sensational literature of the present day’ will be less sought after, and, if
read, will be fess injurious.
In this great empire, with its vast Colonies, none can tell where their lot in life may’ be cast, but of one thing all may’ be assured, that useful-
ness is invaluable.
A perfect insight into housekeeping, culinary art, needlework, knitting, with some knowledge of ambulance duties, will fit every one for
English, foreign, or colonial life.
W omanly gentleness and love, to which are added a well-stored mind and a knowledge of such practical duties, will qualify’ a girl to be-
come, if God will, a useful wife, a tender mother or. if these blessings be denied her, a sweet true friend, a charming companion, a beloved Sama-
ritan amongst her kindred and neighbours ; indeed, such a one, unhampered by closer ties, can the better move about as an angel in the
house of joy, or of sorrow.
Medium : Boek
Taal : Engels
Uitgever : British Library
Aantal pagina's : 311

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